For every spectacular sunset moment, there’s a spilled milk moment waiting to happen in the wings. Because the truth is, life as we actually experience it is about both. The spilled as well as the spilling-over. And of course all the other stuff in between.

My name’s Nikki, self-confessed milk-spiller, sunset-chaser, never-quite-on-timer, writer, book-eater, chronic over-thinker and believer with treasure in a jar of clay (mine’s a nice turquoise blue colour, with more than a few cracks in it). I am mum to three exasperatingly beautiful miracles aged five and under referred to here simply as E, W, and J, and best friend and wife to an absent-minded-professor of American history, who I like to call Dr M. Together with our kids and our books we live close and crazy under the beating sun in Sydney, Australia.

For the decade or so before having kids I studied and taught English literature and creative writing at university. But these days I enjoy playing with words over analysing them.

I started this space because I wanted to tell our story, but more than this, I wanted to share our story. Because while the nice and the knotty particulars may be ours, the paths we travel are never ours alone. The places we have been, the places we are going, others have been there too. Others will go there. There are many great reasons to tell stories, but the one I prize the most is this: Stories can be vehicles of companionship and grace, they can help remind us we are in this together.

The avenues I wander down are those closest to my heart. Here you will find words that consider:

The more-than-spilled-milk sadness and struggle of grief and anxiety.

When I was nineteen I lost my brother Greg in a car accident and met for the first time the cruel face of grief . This was followed with a subsequent meeting with one of grief’s close cousins, anxiety. I write about that here, meeting the Big A: anxiety.

 The hideandseek game of infertility.

We weren’t always parents of three. For many years we scratched ‘0’ in any form that required information about children. You can  begin reading about all that here in our epic journey to parenthood part one. It was so epic it required two parts to tell it.

The simultaneous sunset-striking wonder and paradox of parenting.

Part comedy, part drama, parenting is a soul-souring domestic adrenalin sport – read some of my most popular parenting posts listed below:

What I could never have known about the paradoxes and contradictions of being a parent

Sleep Thiefs: When your Children steal your Slumber

The life of faith.

I am above all else a believer in Jesus Christ. Not just a believer, a loved-by-God child. It’s outrageous. And amazing. I hope this whole blog shows how this changes everything. Writing it down I find helps its passage to my head and heart.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, let me assure you I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Please feel free to linger long or short, day or night. Know that you are always welcome. As long as you don’t mind stumbling over a little mess amongst the meaning.

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xo Nikki