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Declutter Me: Ambitioning a Quiet Life


‘That’s what we do. We make mess. We’re a messy family.’ Five year old E sums it up with characteristic  bare-to-the bone directness as we stand side by side and watch our freshly washed floor endure a new littering of crumbs, toys, unknown sticky substances, and yes…yet more spilled-milk. Four year-old W,  king of the witty one-liner, intrepid word-explorer, encapsulates it even

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anxiety, Faith, pregnancy and parenting



We made a decision this week. Parents have to do that. Make decisions. From the moment your child breaks forth into the world, with wails and flails and celebration, you are looking up information, filling out forms, viewing everything through over-alert, keen-to-do-right,  protective parent eyes. Even before your little person or people arrive you begin the process. I know

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