Memories of my brother

Faith, loss, Memories of my brother

The News at the Door


Whenever I hear statistics of casualties in the plural —and there is no lack of them lately (or ever) in media coverage—I can’t help but think in the singular. Tonight, yesterday, tomorrow, some family finds out that the floor has just dropped out of their domestic world. It’s easy to distance tragedy as other, as ‘in the headlines,’

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Faith, loss, Memories of my brother, thankfulness

These are days you’ll remember…

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Psalm 116:17. “It made us think, that these were days we would remember” (Greg, ‘A Brief Glimpse’)   Memories are never just free-floating. They have backdrops. They happen in place and time. Memories of people take place in the context of other people. Some memories stand out more than others, are more defining than others. Because

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